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  • Программное: Rival
  • Шансы: 96.10%
  • Казино версии: Моментально играешь, скачать, мобильный, флеш, мобильный Web
  • Операционная система: Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, iOS, Windows Phone
  • Языки: английский, немецкий, французский, итальянский
  • Валюты: USD, EUR, GBP

Royal Planet Casino Бонусы

Бонус Пакет
    • количество
    • мин вк
    • пари
    • Игры
    • наличие
    • код
    • $300
    • 25xB
    • Слоты
    • Эксклюзивный При регистрация
    • получить коды
    • 750%
    • $100
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Слоты
    • 1st первый депозит
    • No code required
    • 650%
    • $100
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Слоты
    • 2nd Deposit
    • No code required
    • 625%
    • $100
    • 35x(D+B)
    • Слоты
    • 3rd Deposit
    • No code required
    • 850%
    • $25
    • 40x(D+B)
    • Слоты
    • 1st BTC Deposit
    • No code required
Игровые Бонусы
    • количество
    • мин вк
    • пари
    • Игры
    • наличие
    • код
    • 200%
    • $25
    • 40x(D+B)
    • Слоты
    • Once
    • No code required

Royal Planet Casino Примеры игр

Royal Planet Casino Банковские данные

  • Методы депозита: Bitcoin Wallets, MasterCard, Neteller, paysafecard, Skrill Moneybookers, UPayCard, Visa, Wire Transfer, eCheck
  • минимальный вклад: $20 - совет: Проверить Royal Planet Casino Сроки и условия перед нанесением реальные деньги.
  • Методы вывода: Bitcoin Wallets, MasterCard, Neteller, paysafecard, Skrill Moneybookers, UPayCard, Visa, Wire Transfer, eCheck
  • Выплат Пределы: $2000 за неделю
    $10000 за месяц
    $50000 за месяц For VIP players
  • Выплаты минимум: $25
  • Выплаты Таймфреймы: Ewallets - До 24 часа
    Bitcoin Wallet - До 24 часа
    Wire Transfer - 11-12 рабочих дней
    Кредитные карты - 11-12 рабочих дней

Royal Planet Casino поддержка

Дополнительная информация:

  • учрежденный: Jul 05, 2016
  • Ограниченные Страны: Афганистан, Австралия, Азербайджан, Бахрейн, Бангладеш, Бутан, Канада, Эстония, Гуам, Индия, Индонезия, Ирак, Islamic Republic of Я побежал, Израиль, Казахстан, Кувейт, Киргизия, Ливан, Пакистан, Филиппины, Польша, Пуэрто-Рико, Катар, Румыния, Саудовская Аравия, Сингапур, Испания, Сирияn Arab Republic, Таджикистан, Туркменистан, Узбекистан, Virgin Islиs US
  • юрисдикция (лицензия): Curacao
  • Сертифицирован: Ни один
  • Партнерская программа: Royal Planet Affiliates
Мнения Игроков Add review 53 Отзывы
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    • Danjs12 Level 1 United Kingdom Feb 01

      Hi just wondering if anyone has ever managed to withdraw any money on this site? I won 1000gbp and have requested a withdrawal of 500 as that is the limit..just waiting now but don’t want to get my hopes up after I’ve read the comments. Should I be worried? Reply Helpful (1)
      • Dan smith Guest United Kingdom Feb 18

        Still no money. Don’t waste your time!!!! Reply Helpful (1)
    • Tornado91 Level 5 Montenegro Aug 19

      Here wins is not possible ,always try but no wining :D

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • DENNIS EGATZ Guest Sep 04, 2016


      Reply Helpful (1)
    • chimera02 Level 7 Norway Aug 28, 2016

      didnt like this casino, seems like a mess, the free 110 has some sort of weird stages you have to go through and it doesnt really seem like a legit coldcash bonus. you know somethings spooky when the cashier doesnt spam you with offers.

      the layout is also messy and simple, think i will pass on this one.

      this casino also had a spamdeal in the registration, that they can promo you atleast once a week

      Reply Helpful (1)
    • sacpoubelle Level 4 France Aug 19, 2016

      The bonus without deposit is well displayed on the host screen but it does not exist in the dedicated page. Mistrust... Reply Helpful (1)
    • mankaroly Level 4 Hungary May 17

      bad casino site hungaria n player e not accepted söt no page loading nem tudtam megnyitni se az ildat nem ám be regiszrálni összesitve ez egy nagyon rossz link vagy maga az egész kaszino aat aku teheti meg se nyissa az oldalt felesleges idö pazarláas

      Reply Helpful
      • Admin Jun 14

        Hello mankaroly,

        Köszönjük a visszajelzést. Ennek megfelelően ellenőrizzük és frissítjük az országlistát. Elnézést kérünk a kellemetlenségért.

        Sok szerencsét,
        TheBigFreeChipList támogatás.

        Reply Helpful
    • Tornado91 Level 5 Montenegro May 06

      here have bonuses every day,but only rival games for now and up to 0.5 pay line,but maybe can won in future :)

      Reply Helpful
    • bigmama2019 Level 1 United States Apr 28

      Royal Planet Casino ,was very easy to sign up and get free bonus. If you haven't played casino I highly recommend you to play it

      Reply Helpful
    • Bobusvinicius Level 0 Australia Mar 23

      A terrible waste of my time,  the web site was rather ordinary, the promo's can be misleading as to what they are really offering, the online support I found to be rude and patronizing, and when the promo started I had a 30 min time restriction. The slot that I started to play was unable to play in real money mode and asked me to play in fun mode, so I had to close it and play another ...tick...tick...tick... goes the time, 4 to 5 spins later the game freezes and a notice pops up saying they are having network connection errors and then proceeded to unlog me, I log back on start again and it freezes again ...tick...tick.... then another notice that my time had run out so the money was reduced get unlogged again, log back and now all the money is gone, another notice saying no funds so I need to make a deposit. My impression NOT GOOD !!!

      Reply Helpful
    • Darren Guest Australia Mar 11

      I took up a 925 % bonus. My account had $15000 after a while. Yes, I was on a roll.

      I met the play through criteria, and pressed withdraw. The max withdraw at once is $1000. That left $600, which I played till it was gone. It has now been well over 2 months and I still haven't been paid $1000.

      No where, I can find on the site, does it say you must send documents. It states, "you may be asked for documents".  May be asked.... Contacting live chat, the first time, they said, "Resend your documents".

      They gave me no email address to send them to. I sent them to support. The 2nd, and only other time live chat responded to me, they said, "Its being processed" . I have sent approximately 50 emails. No reply at all. Now, I can not get a response from live chat. 

      This casino should be blacklisted, black balled, black railed, blackened, and booted

      Reply Helpful
    • true91 Level 7 Croatia Mar 11

      Well i dont know i just dont like how this casino looks in general , also many players writing they cant cash out so thats something to be strange.

      Reply Helpful
    • Ollie555 Level 4 Australia Mar 08

      No deposit paid despite claims. Should be banned from the site

      Reply Helpful
    • lsimpkinson Level 4 United States Feb 17

      Hi I signed up with this casino going through Thebigfreechiplist because it had an incredible sign up bonus of 399.00. Well don't believe what you read. Not only did I not get that bonus, I didn't get any incentive bonus for signing up. That sucked. I don't want to try out a casino where I have to deposit my money because if I don't like it, I can't take my money back. Maybe I should read the reviews first. Reply Helpful
      • Admin Feb 20

        Dear lsimpkinson,

        We took notice of your issue and we have contacted the casino regarding your issue. Once we receive an answer from them we will notify you.


        TheBigFreeChipList Support.

        Reply Helpful
    • Prowlersmom27 Level 2 United States Feb 04

      I never did get my bonus so I don't much care for this casino. I don't have any extra time in my life for needless complications Reply Helpful
    • DYLAN Guest South Africa Jan 22


      Reply Helpful
      • Admin Jan 23

        Hi Dylan,

        We're sorry to hear about your experience and we have contacted the casino regarding your issue. Once we receive an answer from them we will notify you.


        TheBigFreeChipList Support.

        Reply Helpful
    • Bumbum Level 4 United Kingdom Jan 19

      The royal planet casino is ok, has not bad bonuses and is worth a deposit . For me its been a middle road place but must say have always enjoyed my play here and is lots a fun Reply Helpful
    • Beau83 Level 3 Australia Jan 13

      definately a scam casino because i cant withraw

      Reply Helpful
    • Joyke011 Level 6 Netherlands Dec 21

      Bad so bad. Bij de laatste stap bij aanmelden nieuw account staat er geen Nederland tussen. Kan dus geen account aanmaken. Heb niks van het casino gezien dus voor de rest weet ik niet wat voor casino het is. Helaas maar ik meld me hier niet aan. De bonus van $£€ 300, lijkt me ook erg hoog dus denk beetje fake casino. Zijn nog genoeg andere casino's. Have fun and good luck. Have a nice day. Reply Helpful
    • Real Person Guest United States Dec 18

      SCAM. no option to withdraw at all, but there sure is for depositing, total funkin scam. hey BIGFREECHIPS why are you letting them on the site here!!!!?????  Reply Helpful
    • martin0504 Level 3 Nov 30

      Kasíno vypadá velice dobře možná se tam ještě ukážu. Reply Helpful
    • Boognishvet Guest United States Oct 29

      TOTAL SCAM!!!! I won 300, go figure no one ever answers back on chat, and now the chat option isn't available to me.  The only option to withdraw is BITCOIN and not available. Thieves  Thieves thieves. Stay away!! Reply Helpful
    • cturne21 Level 5 United States Oct 25

      This casino looks cool. A little hard to figure out how to get around in. They were easy to sign up with. They had a lot of bonuses but they have crazy stages, and playthroughs, and 30 minute limits. I was in the middle of a bonus round on a game I haven't been able to play in a couple of years and it just shut me down. So  I really don't know about recommending it. Maybe I will see how everyone else liked it.

      Reply Helpful
    • lazydaze76 Level 4 United States Oct 10

      Complicated 2 part welcome bonus with a short time limit stole all the fun from the $200 they "gave" to play with. Reply Helpful
    • Boognish Level 0 United States Oct 10

      Total scam, and every "casino" in their family, which is a few.  I won 900, 300 is transferable and every time I try to contact them I either get hung up on and they never ever answer on the live chat which I've also tried many times, total scam. But all online places are. Took me too long to realize it but hopefully I can save a  few people out there from making the same mistake I did in trusting off shore scam artists Reply Helpful
    • fazlanw Guest Malaysia Oct 04

      Aku claim sign up bonus pastu kena random jackpot $1400.00....pastu credit terus hilang suruh deposit pulak bodoh punya compenyi cam aramjdah b'bi .mmg celake punye ank aram lu

      Reply Helpful
      • fazlanw Guest Malaysia Oct 04

        Ini spam punya casino mcm haramjdah...SPAM CASINO.DONT DEPOSIT THINK CAREFULLY

        Reply Helpful
    • sonny Guest United States Sep 16

      It is a great casino overall, just one problem is I had my free chip bonus up to 1400 and they took it from me reduced my winnings to zero and said I needed to make a deposit to get my winnings back. no good!

      Reply Helpful
    • Lily581701 Level 1 United States Sep 11

      Ok. First of all, you have this casino listed as a no U.S. casino which is not the case. I have been playing this casino for quite some time and if you ask for a withdraw, they will pay in bitcoin. The problem is that I have been expecting a withdraw from them for over a month and still haven't received my funds.  Also, they advertise live chat but it is hit and miss to get any response from them. Not to mention, if you send an email to them, you wl receive no response either. This casino is running a scam. Reply Helpful
      • Admin Sep 12

        Dear Lily581701,

        Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have verified as well and found that players from USA are indeed accepted to register and play at Royal Planet Casino.

        Furthermore, we have updated the review accordingly.

        Nonetheless, we invite you to use the filters we provide on the right side of the page and browse thru similar brands that target players from your country of residence.

        We apologize for the inconvenience and we wish you the best of luck ahead,
        TheBigFreeChipList.com Support

        Reply Helpful
      • Blacklist Guest United States Dec 18

        Admin  blacklist these douche bags Reply Helpful
    • Diababy Guest South Africa Jun 30, 2018

      This casino is bad ... needs flash player to play games... mobile site non existant Reply Helpful
    • Gennay Guest Australia Jun 01, 2018

      Couldn't even exit chat after i finally got to ask for ndb 110. Crappy setup outlet is crap. Cbf Reply Helpful
    • raze18 Level 6 Czech Republic May 08, 2018

      This casino along with some others with the same software offer some CRAZY bonuses but all of these are actually REALLY FISHY TACTICS to draw money from you!

      For example i got an email that they added 100 USD FREE NO PLAYTHROUGH on my account so i should check on now,so i went on my account and the bonus was there,i got instant 100USD but after 3 reloads on cashier page a new page appeared showing that the bonus got 3 stages on playthroughs and deposits needed inbetween. I would suggest to DODGE these fishy casinos.

      Reply Helpful
    • SharnaStylz Level 2 New Zealand Mar 29, 2018

      Doesn’t work on iPad have to download flash player

      Reply Helpful
    • Rickrohrke Level 5 Mar 10, 2018

      says canada accepted but when i tried to register there is no canada in list to  finish registing.Afterreading some of these posts, seems like im missing out on nothing

      Reply Helpful
    • cosminraduta Level 4 Romania Mar 07, 2018


      Reply Helpful
    • Erneststitch Level 2 Feb 21, 2018

      Just an attractive bonus promo to get fishes from all around the world. Pls take all the review advise and think by yourself and decide whether should put your own money to this casino or not... good luck Reply Helpful
    • colint86 Level 2 United Kingdom Dec 08, 2017

      it gave me my 110 no deposit sign up bonus which I wagered in the time limit then 
      I had to deposit $25 to get a $330 bonus which meant I would have to wager $10.650 before I could withdraw

      Reply Helpful
    • Jessica Nelson Guest Nov 17, 2017

      About to give casino a go. Hope for a win.

      Reply Helpful
    • bigjoe8699 Level 7 South Africa Nov 10, 2017

      • Maybe it's just me, but, there just seems to be something really not cool about this casino. Maybe it's because they have been around awhile and I haven't played that much. I don't see a lot of bonuses from them. I play at other casinos mostly and have played here but like I said, it's not a comfortable casino for me. Good luck out there.

        Reply Helpful
      • Kiyara888 Level 2 Oct 18, 2017

        not bad need to find more slot games to make it interesting , but is pretty good other than that 

        Reply Helpful
      • andromeda Guest Aug 27, 2017

        33 days and counting waiting for my withdrawal. Support keeps coming up with a different excuse. One time even insisting I make another deposit via my chosen withdrawal method. Another 'technical issues'. I have won and withdrawn at other casinos. I think this one is going to find a way to rip me off.

        Reply Helpful
      • mitozgd Level 4 Croatia Aug 24, 2017

        I really hope everyone will get their money because this casino look like a bag of sh*t. Reply Helpful
        • Boognishvet Guest United States Oct 29

          TOTAL SCAM, I can't believe BIG FREE CHIpS is putting up with this BS scammer site. Add juicy stakes to the list toi Reply Helpful (1)
      • staple Guest Jul 25, 2017

        I have over $1200 due to me from two requested withdrawals since mid June and I will let you know when i get paid.  i have been told over and over again that 'our casino pay you your money'  They did once and it was in about 20 days, but now it is taking some time.  to be continued....

        Reply Helpful
      • Whit Ratliff Guest Jul 03, 2017

        The casino never returned my 55.00 dollars. They gave me a 50.00 dollar match bonus credit in the place of my cash deposit. We all know the stink that goes along with this deal. 

        The cash back they promise isnt cash back, they stick a upaycard match bonus credit in place of cash back. It's a scam from the word go.. PLEASE AVOID !!!!

        Reply Helpful
      • Jamielen Level 5 New Zealand Jun 11, 2017

        Ok, lets see how this goes . I registered today and plan on depositing . I'll keep you guys posted . 

        Reply Helpful
      • Pennyn1 Level 1 United States May 23, 2017

        some choice words are to be said about this casino, very bad words not even a sailor would repeat without blushing. don't waste your time or money on this casino. unless you like being ripped off.

        Reply Helpful
      • michael stothard Guest May 12, 2017

        worst casino ever! do not payout at all been waiting 3 months for my £500 withdrawal support staff refused to comment on the delay! please avoid!! Reply Helpful
      • Whit Ratliff Guest May 08, 2017

        Casino will not return my 55.00 dollar failed deposit attempt. I sent 55.00 dollars Bitcoin to address supplied by casino but due to a shortage of 1 cent it was declined but the casino remains in possession of my coin and will not return it to me. They have stolen 55.00 dollars of my money. Stay away !!!

        Reply Helpful
      • Seifbelhaj Level 0 Tunisia Apr 08, 2017

        Very good casino it is one of the best casino in this world Reply Helpful
      • Daddy909 Guest Feb 10, 2017

        The bonus I got requires you to make a deposit which I'm confused about. After registration I claimed the promotion from the cashier which my account was given a credit of $121. I never got to use this bonus because I logged off when it got busy at work and when I logged back in the next time my funds were exhausted. I come to find out the bonus was given 30 minutes to use in which I wasn't aware of. Too bad for me I guess. Oh well Reply Helpful
      • Rambofish20 Level 7 United States Oct 19, 2016

        Hey I just requested payout...I got my 1st payout and now will be my 2nd payout...looks like I ll not get it?? will I??

        Reply Helpful
      • MelloWins Level 3 Australia Oct 04, 2016

        it gave me my 110 no deposit sign up bonus then my computer froze and when I reclogged on it was no longer available.

        Reply Helpful
      • atlantik1221 Level 8 Russian Federation Sep 17, 2016

        Haven't seen a normal casino with this software is constantly poyavlyayutsya questionable instances and just as quickly disappear .This casino is unfortunately not much greater  from others bad examples including the covered payments,questionable bonuses,and average support.

        Reply Helpful
      • brennan Level 3 United States Sep 08, 2016

        This casino has very low payouts on their games.

        Reply Helpful
      • mccslice Level 5 United States Aug 16, 2016

        They love to chat you uo when your winning  my favorite time to type while on a roll!

        Reply Helpful

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